Now Online – The Angel of Blinding Light: Part Two

The Angel of Blinding Light cover art

Slightly later than expected due to unforeseen circumstances (and let’s been honest, aren’t they always?), the second installment of our latest Doctor Who adventure is now online!

When we last left our heroes, the Doctor and Destina were investigating strange disappearances in the City of Blinding Light. Meanwhile, Jayden was being sacrificed by the creepy Illias to a mysterious Angel. Will the Computer be able to save him in time? Or is she still singing about the seaside? Why is the Grim Reaper hanging around? And what exactly is this Angel, and what does it have in store for the City?

Answers to all these questions and more, in Episode 2 of Doctor Who: The Angel of Blinding Light. Download it here for free, or subscribe to us in iTunes!