Doctor Who - Bah! cover art‘An enemy has emerged in this area, after a weapon the TARDIS has never heard of, with apparently unlimited power…’

The Doctor doesn’t like Christmas… too many bad memories… but Sammy loves Christmas… but someone else has discovered the Doctor doesn’t like Christmas and hopes to use it to destroy the Doctor forever… Or so he thought.

Still yet another special Christmas adventure, this time produced by DAM Productions, with a special guest appearance of Aron Toman as the Doctor.

Episode Downloads

Episode Original Release Date Length
Episode 1 (7.5 MB) December 2007 10 min 31 sec


The Doctor David Nagel
The Doctor Aron Toman
Sammy Samantha Nagel
Davros/Daleks Dean Packis
Iris Wildthyme D. B. Cooper

Written by Michael Maher
Directed by David Nagel
Incidental Music by Anthony Lombardi
Post-production by David Nagel
Cover Artwork by Charles Lambert

Doctor Who © British Broadcasting Corporation.
Bah! © DAM Productions and reproduced with permission.
No copyright infringement is intended.