The thrilling conclusion to The Angel of Blinding Light!

Things have not been going well for Jayden in his first proper adventure in time and space. The entire population of the City of Blinding Light are under the control of the mysterious and carnivorous Angel, brought forth by the seriously disturbed Illias for his own twisted ends. Only Jayden remains immune, and even the Doctor can’t help him now. Can he save his friends as well as the people of Blinding Light from a lifetime of hypnotic servitude and lethal sacrifice?

Wonder no more – the third and final installment of Doctor Who: The Angel of Blinding Light is now online. How will Jayden save the day? Does the answer lie with the Grim Reaper, or with the parrot-headed-umbrella-Computer? And at what cost will success come?

Episode 3 of The Angel of Blinding Light can be downloaded here, or available through iTunes.