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The thrilling conclusion to The Angel of Blinding Light!

Things have not been going well for Jayden in his first proper adventure in time and space. The entire population of the City of Blinding Light are under the control of the mysterious and carnivorous Angel, brought forth by the seriously disturbed Illias for his own twisted ends. Only Jayden remains immune, and even the Doctor can’t help him now. Can he save his friends as well as the people of Blinding Light from a lifetime of hypnotic servitude and lethal sacrifice?

Wonder no more – the third and final installment of Doctor Who: The Angel of Blinding Light is now online. How will Jayden save the day? Does the answer lie with the Grim Reaper, or with the parrot-headed-umbrella-Computer? And at what cost will success come?

Episode 3 of The Angel of Blinding Light can be downloaded here, or available through iTunes.


Now Online – The Angel of Blinding Light: Part Two

Slightly later than expected due to unforeseen circumstances (and let’s been honest, aren’t they always?), the second installment of our latest Doctor Who adventure is now online!

When we last left our heroes, the Doctor and Destina were investigating strange disappearances in the City of Blinding Light. Meanwhile, Jayden was being sacrificed by the creepy Illias to a mysterious Angel. Will the Computer be able to save him in time? Or is she still singing about the seaside? Why is the Grim Reaper hanging around? And what exactly is this Angel, and what does it have in store for the City?

Answers to all these questions and more, in Episode 2 of Doctor Who: The Angel of Blinding Light. Download it here for free, or subscribe to us in iTunes!


‘Doctor Who: The Angel of Blinding Light’ Episode One Now Online!

Doctor Who - The Angel of Blindling LightA glowing city. A doomed distress call. Mysterious disappearances. Orange oceans. And everything is so… alien! Yes, the Crossover Adventures are back again with the start of a brand new Doctor Who adventure!

The first episode of The Angel of Blinding Light is now available for your listening pleasure! Featuring the return of all your favourite characters – Aron Toman as the Doctor himself, Jennifer Alyx as his Time Lady assistant Destina, Kara Dennison as the crazy Computer, Siobhan Gallichan as the enigmatic Death… and introducing Brett Underwood, making his debut as new companion Jayden, who finds things rather overwhelming in the City of Blinding Light.

You can find this exciting new episode on the Angel of Blinding Light page as a free MP3 download. Or, subscribe to us on iTunes and get everything delivered directly into your portable media player of choice as it’s released. And don’t forget to like us on Facebook and let us know what you think.

Enjoy, and stay tuned for the second episode, coming out in two weeks time…


Are the Angels still coming?

What happened to the Angels of Blinding Light?

Some of you may be wondering what’s happening with the ever promised Doctor Who audio adventure The Angel of Blinding Light. Rest assured, while we’ve had a few setbacks, mostly involving that ever-present and ever-annoying thing they call “Real Life”, things are quickly getting back on track. We’re just putting the final touches on the music for episode 1, and it should be going out in the next week or so. Make sure you’re subscribed via iTunes (or podcast catcher of your choice) so that you get the episode as soon as it’s released!

Doctor Who - The Angel of Blinding Light poster with Aron Toman

Meanwhile, we made this promo poster for the fun of it and private circulation, but it’s got such a good response we thought we’d share it here. Thank you to David Nagel, who created the central image that features the real Aron Toman as the Doctor.

Remember! The Angels are coming…


The Trailer of Blinding Light!

2015 is definitely the year of the Crossover Adventure, as we release the trailer for our next Doctor Who adventure: The Angel of Blinding Light.

You can listen to the new trailer here:

The Angel of Blinding Light shall be coming into your hearts (as well as your headphones and speakers) with the first full episode within the next few weeks. As always, stay tuned!


New Year! New Site! New Teaser!

Happy New Year one and all, and welcome to 2015! I don’t know if it’s just me, but have you noticed anything different around here?

Yes, we’ve given the site a much-needed spruce up, thanks to the charming people at WordPress. As with all website updates, it’s all a work in process so we’ll be tweaking and fixing things over the next few weeks. If you find anything that’s broken – or better yet, have any suggestions as to how to make this website better – feel free to let us know. We love hearing from everyone.

And to celebrate the new year and the new site, we’ve got a new treat for you: a teaser scene from our next Doctor Who adventure, The Angel of Blinding Light, featuring Chris Snyder as K-9 and Wendy Robinson as the Angel. Has everyone’s favourite tin dog finally met his match? Only one way to find out!

Stay tuned, work on Angel of Blinding Light is nearing completion. We should have a trailer for you very, very soon…