New Year! New Site! New Teaser!

Happy New Year one and all, and welcome to 2015! I don’t know if it’s just me, but have you noticed anything different around here?

Yes, we’ve given the site a much-needed spruce up, thanks to the charming people at WordPress. As with all website updates, it’s all a work in process so we’ll be tweaking and fixing things over the next few weeks. If you find anything that’s broken – or better yet, have any suggestions as to how to make this website better – feel free to let us know. We love hearing from everyone.

And to celebrate the new year and the new site, we’ve got a new treat for you: a teaser scene from our next Doctor Who adventure, The Angel of Blinding Light, featuring Chris Snyder as K-9 and Wendy Robinson as the Angel. Has everyone’s favourite tin dog finally met his match? Only one way to find out!

Stay tuned, work on Angel of Blinding Light is nearing completion. We should have a trailer for you very, very soon…