Dimensions of the Doctors

Doctor Who - Dimensions of the Doctors cover art‘Your arch enemy, the Master, has taken all your other selves out of time. You must rescue them!’

All is not well in the universe. The Master, using some powers given to him by the Black Guardian, has captured the first eight regenerations of the Doctor, and plans to move onto the rest of the universe.

However, all is not lost, The White Guardian has called in the help of the most recent incarnation of the Doctor as well as several companions that continually change places with each other, plus two interesting legendary heroes…

Episode Downloads

Episode Original Release Date Length
Part 1 (2.6 MB) 25 August 1998 6 min 10 sec
Part 2 (2.5 MB) 25 August 1998 3 min 32 sec
Part 3 (3.1 MB) 25 August 1998 4 min 18 sec
Part 4 (6.1 MB) 25 August 1998 8 min 37 sec
Part 5 (3.7 MB) 25 August 1998 5 min 14 sec
Part 6 (4.9 MB) 25 August 1998 11 min 42 sec


The Doctor/The White Guardian Aron Toman
All other characters sampled from the televised episodes of Doctor Who, Xena: Warrior Princess and Monkey, as well as the Doctor Who PC game Destiny Of The Doctors

Written and Directed by Aron Toman
Theme composed by Ron Grainer and arranged by Aron Toman
Post-production by Aron Toman
Cover Artwork by Aron Toman

Doctor Who © British Broadcasting Corporation.
Xena: Warrior Princess © Renaissance Pictures
Monkey © Nippon Television and the British Broadcasting Corporation
No copyright infringement is intended.


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