The Vaults

The original Doctor Who Crossover Adventures, produced from 1998-2000, generally of a poorer quality especially in comparison to our more recent works. They are retained here for historical interest and audience curiosity only.

Dimensions of the Doctors
Featuring Xena: Warrior Princess, Monkey and many past Doctors, enemies and companions.

Muppets in Time

Featuring the Muppets and the Daleks

Dalek Slayers
Featuring Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Peter Cushing’s Dr. Who and the Daleks

The Warrior Goddess
Featuring Callisto, from Xena: Warrior Princess, the Titanic and introducing Astra as the new companion.

The Woodsboro Murders
Featuring the characters from the movie Scream.

A musical featuring all previously featured.


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