When Davros Stole Christmas…

Doctor Who - When Davros Stole Christmas cover art‘Davros wants to join in Christmas. So there!’

It’s Christmas, again, and the Doctor has decided to outdo himself. Not content with chorusing Cybermen and walking through a winter wonderland, he’s organised a party, and everyone’s invited. Everyone he’s ever met or travelled with, including many of his other selves.

Everyone’s invited – except one…

Episode Downloads

Episode Original Release Date Length
Episode 1 (13.1 MB) 25 December 2003 18 min 21 sec


Written, directed and performed by Aron Toman
Theme composed by Ron Grainer and arranged by Vandark
Post-production by Aron Toman
Cover Artwork by Aron Toman

Doctor Who © British Broadcasting Corporation.
No copyright infringement is intended.


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