The Crazy Christmas Cacophony

Doctor Who - The Crazy Christmas Caccophony cover artIt’s Christmas again!

When he Computer is in the mood for some carolling, the Doctor decides to indulge her, against his better judgement. Sure, she’s a bit excitable, and sure her singing isn’t that awful, but it is Christmas and ’tis the season, as they say.

What could possibly go wrong?

Episode Downloads

Episode Original Release Date Length
Episode 1 (6.7 MB) 22 December 2012 4 min 42 sec.


The Doctor Aron Toman
The Computer Kara Dennison

Written and directed by Aron Toman
Post-production by Aron Toman
Cover Artwork by Aron Toman

Doctor Who © British Broadcasting Corporation.
No copyright infringement is intended.


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