Short Trips

Short, silly little sketches and one-off adventures that don’t really form part of the ongoing series.

One Jump Ahead
The Doctor and Frobisher run from the Daleks – with musical accompaniment…

I Found You, Babe
The reason why Daleks and Cybermen should never meet.

Education Of The Daleks
As Davros finds his latest race of Daleks are suffering from a case of chronic immaturity, the Doctor arrives offering to show Davros the ways in which they can learn…

The Great Novel(la) of Doom(ish)
The Doctor must write a fifty-thousand word novel in under a month. With Astra’s help, and a never ending pen, what will he come up with?

When Davros Stole Christmas…
Another Christmas special, starring the Doctor and Davros.

Dimensions in Transference
The sixth Anniversary special episode, in which the Doctor and Astra get a trip down memory lane…

The Doctor journeys into the DAMverse in this special Christmas adventure made by DAM Productions

Let it Snow
Yet another Christmas special. The weather outside is frightful…

The Crazy Christmas Cacophony
The Computer decides it’s time once again for another round of Christmas carols. What could possibly go wrong?