A Cause For Carolling

Doctor Who: A Cause for Carolling cover art‘I’m going to spend my Christmas with a Dalek, Doctor! No matter how many of you try to stop me!’

Sick of the distinct lack of attention the Doctor’s been giving her since they left Brisbane, Jenny decides she wants a holiday. However, their plans are cut short when the TARDIS receives a mysterious distress call. A poor girl called Destina is in desperate trouble, her friends are in trouble and she needs the Doctor desperately to help them. Who are the ones in trouble? The Doctor is, of course…

A time paradox has been started, and despite knowing what it could do to the web of time, the Doctor makes every attempt to rescue his future self. But could two versions of the Time Lord battle the power from beyond the dawn of time that’s being wielded here? Or will this paradox become even more complex than either could ever have imagined…

This Christmas themed adventure features the special guest appearances of Matthew Kopelke and Jana Kidley reprising their roles as the Doctor and Jenny from BTR Productions.


Episode Downloads

Episode Original Release Date Length
Episode 1 (10.5 MB) 5 August 2001 14 min 50 sec
Episode 2 (11.0 MB) 5 April 2002 15 min 33 sec
Episode 3 (12.1 MB) 17 February 2003 17 min 6 sec
Episode 4 (16.1 MB) 17 February 2003 22 min 46 sec


The Doctor Aron Toman
The Doctor Matthew Kopelke
Frobisher Corey Klemow
Jennifer Langard Jana Kildey
Destina Jennifer Alyx
Davros Liam Legham
Bartender Owen Spratley
Santa Claus Roy K. Mowley

Written and Directed by Aron Toman
Incidental Music by Peter Wicks, Owen Spratley and David Nagel
Theme composed by Ron Grainer and arranged by Howard Richardson
Post-production by Aron Toman
Trailer produced by David Nagel
Cover Artwork by David Nagel

Doctor Who © British Broadcasting Corporation.
No copyright infringement is intended.