About Us

Nearly fifteen years ago, Aron Toman, a young aspiring writer in country Victoria, Australia, discovered FloorTen Audio’s unofficial Doctor Who plays, featuring ordinary fans writing and acting in their own scripts, putting together a professional sounding adventure. Hearing the results, Aron immediately thought “I can do that!” As he lived away from organised fandom, Aron decided to fill his cast from other sources. Playing the Doctor himself (obviously), he took samples of Carol Ann Ford’s dialogue from her appearances in the TV series and with some, admittedly, forced writing and segues, Aron Toman’s version of the Doctor was reunited with his granddaughter. Soon other old companions appeared in this story, and Aron soon realised that if he could sample dialogue from Doctor Who, surely he could sample them from anywhere? Lucy Lawless appeared, Doctor Who met Xena: Warrior Princess, and that August in 1998, the Crossover Adventures were born.

In all honesty, the results weren’t ideal, and before long they abandoned the “Doctor Who meets” element of the scripts (though the early attempts can still be heard the the Vaults, if you’re brave enough). Crossover Adventure Productions has grown up a bit since then and now utilises a full cast performing totally original dialogue. Like most online audio production companies, their casts come from all over the world to bring this particular take on the Doctor Who universe to life. Aron Toman still plays what has been described as “the Bob Fosse Doctor”, having developed the character over the past decade to be a musical loving, theatrical show-pony with a tendency to sulk when he doesn’t get his way. Coren Idle joined the cast early on, playing his first assistant Astra, a teenage time traveller herself. Soon after, the Doctor was reunited with his comic-book companion Frobisher, portrayed to great critical acclaim by Corey Klemow (before Big Finish brought him to audio themselves). Nowadays the Doctor travels with Destinaliciaronna (Destina for short), a young Time Lady in training played by Jennifer Alyx, Jayden Lightbody (played by Brett Underwood), a young theatre usher from 21st Century London, the Computer (played by Kara Dennison), a bonkers artificial intelligence currently housed in a facsimile of Mary Poppins’s umbrella, and of course there’s Death, the Grim Reaper himself, played by Siobhan Gallichan, who has been following the TARDIS around with his own mysterious agenda…

Crossover Adventure Productions continues to try and push the envelope as to what can be done with Doctor Who, freed from the pressures of needing to make money. They’ve produced more than a few musical adventures, several Christmas specials, romantic historicals, educational documentaries and terrifying thrillers. They’ve faced singing Daleks and Cybermen (yes, singing), a temporal paradox that thinks its Mary Poppins, Davros himself (who seems to have gone a little loopy), and plenty of more exciting things to come. With an attitude of bringing some fun and silliness to the world of Doctor Who – with a healthy dose of drama to keep things interesting, Crossover Adventure Productions looks forward to many more adventures in future.